Harmony Home Rewards

Join now and earn rewards on every order.

How are rewards earned?

Every time you order with your credit card, rewards will be credited to your membership account. For every dollar spent, you earn 5% in rewards for use on future purchases.

How are rewards redeemed?

Your rewards can be redeemed during checkout on all purchases.


Do rewards have an expiration date?

Yes, rewards expire 365 days after they are acquired.


How can I view my Harmony Home Rewards?

Simply go to the Harmony Home Rewards page to view your balance.


When are my rewards available to me?

Earned rewards from purchases become available as soon as your items ship. Rewards for reviews are available within 3-5 days.


Will I receive Harmony Home Rewards if I return or cancel my order?

No, if you have already redeemed rewards to purchase something that was returned or canceled, your refund will reflect the redeemed Rewards.


Are previous purchases eligible for Harmony Home Rewards?

No, previous purchases are not eligible for Harmony Home Rewards.


How do I cancel my Harmony Home Rewards membership?

You may cancel your membership by contacting customer service and letting them know you are no longer interested in Harmony Home Rewards membership.


Can I reactivate my Harmony Home Rewards account if I've canceled my membership?

You can easily reactivate your Harmony Home Rewards account by entering your email to receive our special rewards.


How do I report a problem or make a suggestion?

Feel free to contact us using the chat feature for your convenience to report any problems or make a suggestion.